One in four women have experienced sexual assault or abuse. These experiences don’t have to physically injure or be violent to cause lasting pain. That pain deserves justice.


If you’ve experienced sexual assault or abuse, you deserve justice for the emotional and physical pain it caused. We can help, and we will stand with you.

We specialize in the types of cases you’ve heard about through #metoo and #timesup, representing women who have been sexually harassed in their workplaces, adults who endured childhood abuse from sports coaches, and cases that address the different forms of sexual assault or misconduct inflicted on women every day.

Take the next step and contact Harrison Pensa’s civil litigation team. There’s no cost to you for seeking our advice on a possible case. What you share is confidential and stays between you and your lawyer, until you say otherwise. 


Our Team

At Harrison Pensa, we will stand with you. It’s our litigation team’s role to gain you compensation for income and other losses that stem from sexual assault or abuse you’ve experienced. We’ll walk with you through every step in the legal process, compassionately and with a firm resolve to seek a successful resolution for you, inside or outside of court.


Steve Atkinson


"For more than 15 years, I've represented clients whose strength and courage amazes me -- but they can't ever forget their horrific experiences. That kind of trauma changes lives, and I believe that deserves justice."

Steve is a Partner with Harrison Pensa with 15+ years' experience representing women and men in civil litigation cases involving sexual assault and abuse. Steve guides individuals through the legal process so there are no surprises and to ensure his clients' concerns are heard, understood and addressed so they can achieve closure. 

Andrew Graham


“It's my hope the civil litigation process can be therapeutic and help bring some closure to what has undoubtedly been a difficult part of your life.”

Andrew Graham is a Partner at Harrison Pensa, with a focus on representing people injured due to the negligence of others, and has been a civil litigator for almost ten years. He frequently works on a contingency basis, receiving payment only when he achieves a successful outcome for his client. Andrew has also donated his time to serve clients-in-need at the Windsor Community Legal Aid Clinic and volunteered with London Lawyers Feed the Hungry. 

Mana Khami


“Talking about and reporting these kinds of cases is important, and I believe it’s critical that justice is sought for women who have been abused or hurt.”

Mana provides practical advice and careful guidance to individuals who have experienced sexual assault or abuse. Practising civil litigation with Harrison Pensa, Mana is especially dedicated to supporting women, youth and families in-need in her community, and takes special care to respect each individual’s unique circumstances and experiences.

Andy Rady

Andy Rady - WSWY Bio Image.jpg

“I am continually inspired by the immense courage of survivors regardless of whether they choose to move forward with a legal claim. I strive to help them achieve recognition for their bravery and just compensation for the trauma that they have endured.”

Andy recognizes that claims involving sexual assault and abuse can be daunting to victims, particularly when they are trying to focus on their recovery rather than navigate complex legal rules.Andy takes whatever time is needed to fully educate survivors about the legal process, makes himself available and accessible to provide his advice and recommendations, and applies legal strategies and tactics that are customized to fit the unique needs of each case.


Living through sexual trauma is incredibly challenging. Survivors can face pushback if they step forward to share their stories. There are ways you can show your support for the survivor.